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Verde Spatial is designed to be a contemporary condominium that addresses the needs of the modern city dweller. Aside from a great location that places you right in the heart of Quezon City, you can also enjoy a wide range of facilities and amenities that elevate the quality of your lifestyle. First and foremost, all of the condo units have been built to the highest standard to protect the integrity of the Filinvest brand. You can therefore expect nothing short of quality when it comes to the finish and design of the individual units.

One of the highlights and the feature that Verde Spatial is most proud of is the availability of more space that enables you to relax. The amenities are thoughtfully designed and the layout of each floor is carefully planned. Hence, this permits you boundless relaxation and fun when it comes to the use of these amenities. The first major amenity that you can enjoy in this condominium community is the clubhouse. This space enables you to nurture ties with friends and family as it brings many socialization opportunities. 

In addition to the clubhouse, you can also select from a wide range of other relaxation amenities. One example is the swimming pool. There are two types of swimming pools at Verde Spatial, which offers on for adults and another one for the kids. Thus, the entire family can enjoy some quality swimming time during weekends or to end a busy day. 

Aside from the clubhouse and pool area, you can also choose to workout and sweat it off to relieve from stress. The indoor gym and fitness area is available for unit owners to use. That way, you can save time when you need to workout as you do not have to travel to a nearby gym. You can also save money on gym memberships since you can simply take advantage of this facility right within the building. 

If you simply want to relax, there are many sitting areas throughout the building. You can use this space to unwind during the day or night. There are many of these sitting areas provided across the 11-storey building so you can enjoy the private time you deserve. You can also enjoy them while indulging in the view of the city skyline – day or night. 

Another major issue with living in a busy city such as Quezon City is parking. At Verde Spatial, you won’t have to worry about parking because there are two levels of basement parking available to unit owners. Thus, you can guarantee that your vehicle is securely parked within the premises of the building and you can be worry-free once it is securely parked. Speaking of security, the 24-hour security system in place within this condominium is another major feature of Verde Spatial. There are guards at the lobby and CCTV cameras installed on common areas to ensure that there are no suspicious activities or individuals.

The brilliantly designed residential condominium has a dedicated amenity area. You can therefore head to the central amenity area to find all of the facilities and amenities you can enjoy in one place. It is also a great spot to socialize with other unit owners or relax during weekends.

  • Kiddie and Adult Pools
  • Indoor Gym
  • Function Area
  • Playground
  • Barbeque Area
  • Sitting Area
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